Positive thoughts on rain!

We all have ‘down’ weeks sometimes and certainly not helped by endless grey rainy days in so-called summer! In light of this I decided to think about what is good about rain, to cheer us all up with positive thinking.

1. I’ll start with the obvious – It fills the reservoirs so we have plenty of water to use and drink

2.  It waters the plants

3. No need for a hose pipe ban

4. It keeps the dust down. If you live near a busy road you’ll appreciate this one!

5. Lower pollen levels, which helps alleviate hay fever

6. Fills up your water butts ready for the long hot August we’re going to have!

7. Washes the patio

8. Makes you feel pleased that you work inside, if you do.

9. A good reason to relax and enjoy inside activities, without feeling guilty that you should be out enjoying the sunshine. So watch TV, enjoy that film, do some crafting, read, cook whatever floats your boat but I appreciate this has limited appeal with children!

Ok I’m scraping the barrel now and I’m not going to make it to 10 good things about rain – do tell me if you think of any more.

Spending time indoors has made me think of a new item for my shop and I’ve created labels with my designs. For a long time I’ve used labels to recycle envelopes, making good use of all those envelopes you get with bills etc and never use. They also make great gift tags and add a personal touch to letters.


To finish this blog here is a poem I wrote some time ago about the water cycle:


The Water Cycle story can be very long,
from sea to sky and back again
the job is never done.

The sea gets hotter
as the sun shines through.
Water drops evaporate and disappear from view.

Making cloud formations they whiz across the sky.
The sun and sea are left behind
the wind decides the way.

Over hills and mountains the air begins to chill,
condensation starts to form
and raindrops fall at will.

Pitter,‭ ‬patter on the ground the raindrops filter through,
on to streams and rivers
their journey nearly through.

Past shops,‭ ‬houses,‭ ‬you and me,‭ ‬river beds to sea.
The sun comes out,‭ ‬the raindrops shout‭!
“our journey begins and ends at sea‭”‬.
So the motto of this story is the waters journey.

In the heat water droplets leap
evaporate but do not condensate.
In the cold water droplets grow,
fall as rain or maybe snow.

So when it’s hot and dry most of the water is in the sky.
Save water then until we know when it’s cold again and rain will come by.

4 thoughts on “Positive thoughts on rain!”

  1. It’s hard to be positive about rain, when it’s been doing it for so long! At least my hanging basket is still surviving, every year I get bought one for my birthday in May, usually by the beginning of July it’s dead because I forget to water it! Linda x

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