Picture of travel size animal alphabet colouring book with a pencil

New video slideshow

I finally got around to improving the video of my animal alphabet colouring book with a slideshow .

This time I created a slideshow using google photos and made a sound track via GarageBand. A friend told me about GarageBand a while ago and so I decided to try it out. I did need to look at a tutorial for beginners but within no time made my own jungle sound track using installed sounds. It was fun, so I’d recommend having a go. Ideally the sound track needs to be lengthened but for now I’ve done it in a loop!

You’ll find it on my website here .

Other news – Last posting dates for most international countries to arrive for Christmas is Monday 10th Dec i.e tomorrow!

For UK 16th, Europe and USA please order by Friday 14th December

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