Feeding the birds, with a tip

For a couple of years I never had much luck with feeding the birds. I tried peanuts, fat balls and hanging seeders (as shown on the right) but the food always went bad before it all got eaten. My neighbour behind me had better luck with plenty of birds visiting. So eventually I gave up as they obviously prefered my neighbour’s set up and put mine away. With the consolation that at least I could watch the birds in her garden from my work room upstairs!

Sparrow at a bird feeder

This year however it looked like there were no longer bird feeders in my neighbour’s garden. I decided to try again with a tray for bird seed instead, as it’s easier to clean and a friend said she finds birds do dislike some styles of feeders.

Wow, the difference that has made, despite subsequently discovering my neighbours bird feeders had just been moved and were lower down. I now have sparrows feeding daily with up to 14 at a time plus bluetits and guess what? They do now feed off the hanging feeder when there is no room on the seed tray!

So if you’ve not had much joy feeding the birds, try a tray but do keep it out of reach of cats. Please leave a comment if you have any other tips for readers.

I’ll leave you with a selection of bird artwork.