Alphabet Challenge of Animals

Alphabet challenge by the blogger Annabel Potter to paint an animal for every letter of the alphabet. Includes blog posts for her first challenge painting miniature ACEO, followed by a later project to do an animal alphabet colouring book.

Something fishy for the letter U!

The letter U choice for my animal alphabet challenge was quite limited. There are Umbrella birds believe it or not, who have feathers shaped like an umbrella on the top of their heads. However after all the rain we’ve had in the UK, I reckon we’ve seen enough umbrellas! So I chose sea urchins to paint. Urchins come …

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Puffins and Poodles for letter P art challenge!

Hi, can’t believe another week has gone by and it will be February soon. At least that means spring is only round the corner and the bulbs will be coming out. I love spring with nature bursting into life. For my alphabet challenge this week is the letter P. I’ve chosen to do a puffin because a young girl …

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Alphabet Challenge Letter L

I’m a bit behind this week having had visitors and a tummy bug! However I did manage to paint this red lemur for my challenge, in my usual style painted with glass paint on acetate and placed over an acrylic painting on canvas. For letter L businesses I discovered there is a lemur conservation foundation: ‘DEDICATED TO THE PRESERVATION AND …

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