Busy Bees

I have quite a few flowers in my garden that are attractive to bees. It begins in May with the Ceanothus Then in summer they love foxgloves and in my front garden a hebe, which provided flowers in February, March this year too, so I wasn’t sure it would flower again when it was meant …

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Tree hugging!

January, February are generally the coldest months in the UK, although so far we’ve gone from freezing nights to spring temperatures! Here in Devon it’s warm enough for Palm trees but it’s best to protect them from frost. So how do you cover them with a tree cover? By tree hugging, be a tree hugger! …

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A caption competition seemed a good idea at the time but with no entries, it obviously wasn’t ūüėź No worries, I will write about bits and bobs instead and hopefully something else will interest or inspire you! First up I wanted to share a wonderful way to deter ants from your house. I’d not had …

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Something fishy for the letter U!

The letter U choice¬†for my animal alphabet challenge was quite limited. There are Umbrella birds believe it or not, who have feathers shaped like an umbrella on the top of their heads. However after all the rain we’ve had¬†in the UK, I reckon we’ve seen enough umbrellas! So I chose sea urchins to paint.¬†Urchins come …

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